What do I do if I have trouble connecting to the WiFi?

For Xfinity customers see below. If you are not an Xfinity customer and having trouble connecting please contact support here https://arcade1up.freshdesk.com/support/login. 

If your internet provider is Xfinity, it is likely due to an advanced security feature.  

To bypass this, you can go into Advanced Security through the Xfinity Phone App and allow access for 1 hour or turn off the Advanced Security feature.  If you turn off Advanced Security — please remember to turn it back on after you have completed the setup of your Infinity Game Table and downloaded the games you would like use.  Both of these changes can be made through the Xfinity App on your phone.  To see if you have the Advanced Security feature turned on, (from the Xfinity Phone app) please click the connect icon at the bottom of your Xfinity app and Advanced Security would be the 2nd option under your WIFI.    

The Advanced Security only affects the Infinity Game Table if you are attempting to sign into your account, download a new game, or downloading an update.  We are working with Xfinity to have this resolved and we do appreciate your patience.  If you are playing games installed on your table, you will not have to make changes to the Xfinity Advanced Security.