New connected play lobbies for Infinity Game Table and Game Board

Introducing Lobbies for Connected Play on Infinity Gaming Devices

Welcome, gamers and enthusiasts! As the digital world constantly evolves, so does our gaming experience. This April 2024, prepare to dive into an exhilarating update that’s set to revolutionize how we play together on Infinity Gaming Devices. Say hello to the future with “Lobbies for Connected Play Games”—a feature designed to bring players closer than ever, blending the lines between friends and guests in the gaming universe.

What’s New with Lobbies for Connected Play?

Gone are the days of rigid gaming sessions where you could only team up with your friends. With the latest update, the doors to gaming lobbies are wide open, inviting not just your pals but also guests to join in on the fun. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s rolling out:

For the Hosts with the Most

As a host, your powers have just been upgraded. Ready to kickstart a gaming session? Simply select a connected game and tap on the magical “CONNECT” icon. From there, a new world unfolds:

Flexibility in Invites: Whether it’s your close friends or open spots for gaming enthusiasts wandering in the digital realm, the choice is yours. Mix and match to fill your lobby with a vibrant crew ready to take on any challenge.

Simplified Invites: After crafting your dream team, hitting “Invite Players” guides you through to rally your squad. With everyone in place, only you, the grand host, can launch the adventure by pressing “START GAME”.

Joining the Fray as a Friend

For friends of the host, the process remains as seamless as ever. Get notified, tap into the game you’re summoned to, and you’re in. It’s gaming camaraderie at its best, now with a touch more inclusivity if guest spots are opened.

Lobbies for Guests: A Community Welcome

Here’s where the magic truly happens. Hosts opening their lobbies to guests create a beacon for all Infinity Gaming Device users. Slide into the “connected lobby section” of your MY GAMES PAGE to discover open sessions from Backgammon battles to strategic showdowns in Battleship. It’s your ticket to unexpected alliances and thrilling gameplay.

A Smooth Experience with In-Game Disclaimers

To ensure that every session is as immersive and uninterrupted as possible, we’ve also maintained our streamlined disconnections. A brief pop-up will notify players, keeping everyone in the loop and the game flowing smoothly.

Check out the video of the new features

Ready to Dive In?

We aren’t just introducing a feature; we are opening a gateway to boundless connections, spontaneous friendships, and unforgettable gaming moments. Whether you’re hosting, joining as a friend, or stepping in as a guest, the lobbies for connected play are your new playground.

So, gear up, gamers. The future of connected play is here, and it’s inviting you to be a part of it. Who knows what alliances you’ll forge or the epic battles you’ll engage in? One thing’s for sure: in the world of Infinity Gaming, every session is an adventure waiting to happen. Let the games begin!