Join the next revolution in gaming.

The Infinity Game Table is a brand-new platform that is uniquely positioned as an everyday part of life in the home. It is a part of the décor and an everyday persistent presence.

Converting a board game or creating and developing a game for IGT gives you infinite opportunities.

This product presents a unique opportunity for game creators and developers. Traditional board games are brought to life in a dynamic digital environment. Imagine landing on a square in a game and being transported into the game, bringing the play experience to another level. The possibilities are infinite. 

  • Launched with a hugely successful $1 million + Kickstarter campaign, Infinity Game Table will be arriving at major retailers in Fall of 2021.   
  • Games are promoted through the robust Arcade1Up social media community with 250,000+ active fans and growing.  
  • Be showcased by influencers and included in public relations effort that reaches tens of millions of fans. 
  • The Infinity Game Table will be sold through retailers with high visibility.    
  • First mover advantage: Be exposed to a highly engaged user base.   
  • Be showcased on the IGT screensaver and prime positioning on the IGT dashboard.  
  • Be showcased in activation campaigns.  
  • Be featured on the website.  
  • Generous revenue share programs. 

Features and Technology

  • OS Android 9  
  • Memory: 16GB + TF Card Slot  
  • RAM 2GB  
  • WiFi- 2.4G  
  • Screen Size: 24″ and 32″  
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080  
  • Aspect Ratio: 16/9  
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz  
  • Touch Support: G+G capacitive Touch-10 Points 

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