Join the next revolution in gaming.

The Infinity Game Table and Infinity Game Board are brand-new platforms uniquely positioned as an everyday part of life in the home. In just one year, the table has been recognized by virtually all major media outlets while winning many awards. Most major retailers now sell the devices online or in-store including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Target. Our user base is growing fast with tens of thousands already purchased. 

Converting a board game or creating and developing a game for IGT gives you infinite opportunities.

This product presents a unique opportunity for game creators and developers. Traditional board games are brought to life in a dynamic digital environment. Imagine landing on a square in a game and being transported into the game, bringing the play experience to another level. The possibilities are infinite. 

  • Launched with a hugely successful $1 million + Kickstarter campaign.   
  • Games are promoted through the robust Arcade1Up social media community with 250,000+ active fans and growing.  
  • Be showcased by influencers and included in public relations effort that reaches tens of millions of fans. 
  • The Infinity Game Table and Infinity Game Board will be sold through retailers with high visibility.    
  • First mover advantage: Be exposed to a highly engaged user base.   
  • Be showcased on the IGT screensaver and prime positioning on the IGT dashboard (Determined by the IGT/IGB team).
  • Possibility to be showcased in activation campaigns.  
  • Be featured on the website.  
  • Generous revenue share programs. 

Features and Technology

  • OS Android 11  
  • Memory: 16GB + TF Card Slot  
  • RAM 2GB  
  • WiFi- 2.4G  
  • Screen Size: IGT 24″ and 32″ and IGB 18.5″
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080  
  • Aspect Ratio: 16/9  
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz  
  • Touch Support: G+G capacitive Touch-10 Points 

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