4 Pics 1 Word

Do you like word games? Do you like picture quizzes? Then find out what everyone's talking about! It’s 4 Pics 1 Word! 4 Pictures that have one word in common. It's that easy and that challenging! Each word puzzle contains four pictures that have one word in common. Play hundreds of picture puzzles that become more challenging as you progress. The more word puzzles you can solve, the more levels you will unlock. Challenge your family and friends to see who can solve the most word picture puzzles; can you guess more picture puzzles than your friends and family?

A great “picture to word” game for all ages. Exercise your brain with 4 Pics 1 Word every day. Take this challenge and you will see the difference!

This is not an online game as you’ll need to face your opponent across the Infinity Game Table.


Game Play:

● Play by yourself or against a friend. Choose between 1 and 2 players.
● The game starts with 400 points per player.
● Guess the word that links the four pictures by selecting the letters.
● If you use the “help” button then your score will be decreased by 60 points.
● Add a random letter then your score will decrease by 80 points.
● Earn extra points if you spell the word within the 20 second time clock.
● 10 levels of play.
● Player versus player with the highest score is the winner of the game.



● Addictive game play.
● Designed for The Infinity Game table.