Bowling Solitaire

Bowling Solitaire is a card game that simulates a game of 10-Pin Bowling.

Bowling Solitaire is based on a design by renowned games designer, Sid Sackson. It was first published in his 1969 book, A Gamut of Games.


Game Play:

The objective, like in real bowling, is to knock down as many pins as possible. For each frame, 10 Pin cards are dealt out and the remaining cards make up the ball piles. Players clear pins using the ball cards. Clear all pins in a frame to score a strike or spare and earn bonus points! Can you score 300 points for a perfect game?



● Unique and engaging game play.
● Automated scoring so players can concentrate on getting the highest score.
● Multiplayer in my solitaire? Play with friends in multiplayer mode.
● Designed and optimized for The Infinity Game Table.