Chef is a fun, easy-to-play tycoon cooking game where the aim of the game is to prepare and serve the customers their orders.

You will need to be quick, efficient, and most importantly accurate!

Wrongly created orders go into the bin, losing you money, and serving a customer too slowly will cause you to lose out on much-needed income.

Game Play

Happy customers mean a successful business.

When your customers arrive, the bubble over their heads will show their order.

Look at the customer’s order and make what they want by creating the same meal, soda or coffee that appears in their order bubble.

When making burgers or sandwiches, drag the bottom of the bun to the square serving area in front of your grill.

Place the items on the bun by dragging them onto the bun in the correct order before topping it off with the top bun to complete the sandwich or burger order.

When complete, drag the meal to the customer to complete their order and get paid for your hard work.

Important: When cooking a burger, you must place the burger patty onto the grill in front of your serving area. When the patty is placed on the grill you will see the girl turn from off to on.

You will hear the grill beep when the burger is cooked just right, but make sure you do not overcook the burger as the order will be ruined and the customer will walk out.

For coffee orders, simply place the coffee cup on the coffee maker. When the cup fills up, their cup of Joe is ready to serve.

For soda orders, simply select the correct can of soda and drag it to the corresponding customer.

Can you handle the heat of the kitchen by serving an increasingly challenging number of hangry customers to advance your career and move to higher levels?


• Frantic fun for One Player
• Two Modes of Play-- Career Mode and Challenge mode
• 48 levels to complete.
• Persistent saves so you can continue your progress at your leisure.

Developed by Sabec, LTD