CLAYtime: Swat

Welcome to CLAYtime: Swat, a fun game for you, your family and maybe even your cat!

CLAYtime: Swat is a simple but challenging game where the goal is to swat and squash bugs before they make it to the bottom of the screen.

CLAYtime: Swat is frantic, fly-swatting fun for all ages without the cleanup!


Use your finger to tap the bugs to swat them with your fly swatter before they cross the bottom of the screen.

You have 60 seconds to clear each bug infestation wave from your screen.

Your health meter gets depleted each time one of these persistent pests cross the bottom of the screen.

Each bug is worth different points.

Tap the army ant twice to knock off its helmet and splat it good for 14 points.

Swat the spider to get various bonuses to appear, and then tap the bonus to activate it.


• Single-player game
• Multiple levels
• Frenetic game play
• Colorful claymation-style graphics
• Designed and optimized exclusively for The Infinity Game Table