CLAYtime: Toad Alley

Why did the toad try to cross the road?

Welcome to CLAYtime: Toad Alley, the funnest toad game around!

CLAYtime: Toad Alley is a simple but challenging game where the goal is to get your toads* safely to their homes in the alleys on the other side of the canal before time runs out.

*Actual toads are NOT harmed during game play


Tap on the direction arrows to move your toads while avoiding the obstacles and try to get all your toads back home.

Be careful not to get your toads squashed by the vehicles or have them fall into the water as toads cannot swim.

Use the turtles and barrels to stay dry. Timing is everything!
Advance through multiple levels


• Single Player
• Challenging fun for all ages
• Colorful CLAYmation style graphics
• Designed and optimized for the Infinity Game Table