Color Spinner Puzzle

Color Spinner Puzzle is a distinctively challenging puzzle game.

Train your brain while you attempt to improve your logic, attentiveness, and patience in this cerebral test of wits.

If you enjoy playing brainteasers, and other logic games, this game will be right up your alley!

Can you avoid brain freeze and find your own extraordinary solution to take your place on the local leader board pedestal?


Game Play

Choose the puzzle and tap the scramble button.

Rotate the spinner wheels by holding your finger on the wheel that you want to move.

Chips can be moved by tapping or dragging them in the correct open slot.

To complete a puzzle, you’ll need to place the chips in the matching slots according to the colors and symbols on the chips.

Color Spinner Puzzle has three puzzle types- Donut, Pie and Pizza

Select to play against the clock or at your own pace.



• A unique one-player puzzle game that has no equal
• Multiple difficulty modes and puzzles
• Simple and convenient control
• Optimized for the Infinity Game Table
• Developed by Maximko