Conspirateurs is believed to have been invented in 18th-century France, following the French Revolution, taking inspiration from the rival factions of the time.

The game is played by two, three or four players seated at opposing corners of the board. The game is won by being first to move all of one's pieces from the center of the board into sanctuary spaces along the board edge.

For four-player games played in teams, the winner is the first team to place both sets of pieces into sanctuary spaces.


Gameplay consists of two phases, the drop phase, and the move phase.

Pieces can be moved in eight possible directions.

Each turn, a player either moves a single piece to an adjacent open square or jumps over one or more pieces in sequence.

The first player to move all their pieces into sanctuary spaces wins. Otherwise, the play proceeds clockwise around the board.


● Classic strategy game play
● Solo play against the computer
● Local multiplayer for 2–4 players
● Designed and optimized for The Infinity Game Table.

Developed by John Rassa