Curse of the Minotaur

It all started with a dream. Large stone walls stretched out in every direction. You could hear the clattering of hooves somewhere in the distance. A voice spoke to you warning you that to escape you would need to solve the puzzles. What awaits you in this labyrinth?

*This game is classified as a puzzle game with minor horror elements. It is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Curse of the Minotaur


With a new maze made each playthrough, you can enjoy hours of replayability. You will spend the first half of each game strategically placing your maze tiles. Be careful though! The Minotaur is also placing them. He will do everything he can to corner and trap you! It is up to you to ensure safe passage through the two puzzle rooms, and back to the Minotaur room, where you can finally wake up from this nightmare!

The second phase of the game sees you exploring the maze you have just built. You will need to navigate the dark halls to each of the puzzle rooms. Once there you will be presented with one of two increasingly difficult puzzles. Stay alert! While you are trying to solve these to earn your freedom, the echoing of the minotaur may grow closer. Pay close attention to the volume as it is your first clue as to how close he is!

Can you escape the Curse of the Minotaur?!


• Dynamic Maps for a new experience each play through
• Unique puzzle rooms
• Audio hints alert you when the Minotaur is approaching

Designed and Optimized exclusively by Spurious Studios for the Infinity Game Table