Dots and Boxes

The goal of Dots and Boxes game is to make the square. For every game round, a player has to connect 2 dots, vertical or horizontal. Just draw a line between two adjacent dots. Players gains a point if they close a square. People also called this game as Paddock or square game. This is 2 player game. Player with a greater number of squares will be the winner. Dots & boxes game is available in following modes:
1. Single player. (Play with AI).
2. Two players.

Classic Dots and Boxes ( square game ) is an old school pens pencil and paper game for two players where player has to connect dots to dots and create squares, sometimes people called as dot connect games. This is one of the popular games of childhood, other name of dots game are Square¬it, Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen, pen the pig, Dot Boxing, dot to dot, smart dots free, paddock and boxes, the dot game, dash game or line game.


Names in other countries -
In Portuguese game knowns as pontos e caixas,quadrado, jogo do pontinho or pontinhos. Turkish kutu ve kare or kare oyunu boardgames In Italy game called as punti; In Bulgaria it’s called as dots точки

This is not an online game as you’ll need to face your opponent across the Infinity Game Table.


● Interesting AI integrated.
● Classic game play.
● Addictive strategy.
● Best casual game for all age groups (including kids).
● Classic boardgame popular as paddock or squares game.
● Best version of dots and lines or squares game.
● Classic board game/brainteaser game of dots connect.
● Designed for the Infinity Game Table.