gensmak™ is a pop culture trivia game with different questions for every generation. Featuring strategy, logic, and hints by comedians, it’s a fresh take on trivia that’s ACTUALLY NEW!

Be Strategic: Win by being the first to 20 points and answering 4+ questions outside of your generation. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Take the Hints: Written by comedians, our hints are designed to give you a fighting chance at getting the answer right, even if you don't get the reference.

Laugh & Learn: You'll LOL watching grandma try to pronounce SZA, but how have you never heard of bobby socks?

Developed by Graphite Lab


Imagine a world where Martha Stewart, Baby Shark, Kim Jong-Un, and toga parties all have something in common. Add strategy, logic, hilarious hints, and snort-inducing laughter.

Insert your grandparents, friends, and any Gen Z’s you can find.

Yep. It's just that electric.

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gensmak is a woman-owned business. We’re hard at work on new question sets and more digital craziness every day. Follow us on social media and visit our website ( for the latest and greatest.

Instagram: @gen.smak
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Twitter: @gensmak

If you have feedback or simply want to tell us how much you’re loving the game, contact us at [email protected]. We have real humans on the other end who are eager to hear from you! No, really. Her name is Catherine and she's the nicest person alive.

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