GT Tabletop

GT Tabletop is an app designed to enhance your next in person Tabletop RPG session. It provides additional tools to bring to life the experience for both players and the Game Master. Setting the scene is as easy as tapping the tile you want, then dragging it onto the 1” squares. Take your players beyond the theater of the mind!

*This is a Tabletop RPG tool and does NOT include source material or rulebooks for any game.


What you get:
-A map room that has 2 drawers that will allow you to customize your vision for the players.
-A selection of customizable player tokens so each player can be represented.
-Five editable character sheets with twelve customizable skills for quick access during sessions.
-Nine customizable GM tokens, so you’re always prepared for the next encounter.
-The ability to hide parts of your maps so you can create surprises for your players.
-The six essential dice for most Tabletop RPG games.
-The ability to draw directly to the screen to highlight important information.

* Spurious Studios does not accept responsibility for players maimed in traps.


We recommend starting with the full tutorial available from the home screen. It covers all of the features of this application. Each section is broken out and titled so it can be used as a quick reference. In no time, you will be building out your maps and guiding your players through a world of your own design. Of course, the tutorial is only a guideline and sometimes it is more fun to dive right in. Explore it all for yourself!

* This supports local play only for in person RPG sessions…for now.