Make your (Brief) Case

Let your imagination run wild with word associations!

Featuring a simple premise and challenging game play.

Make Your (Brief) Case provides endless hours of fun!

Make Your (Brief) Case is a fast-paced party game that's sure to keep the whole group entertained.

Great for families, friends, and total strangers alike!

Game Play

Two rival teams, with one player from each team acting as the “Host”, battle to find their money that is hidden in some of the 25 briefcases displayed on the screen.

Beware of the hidden bomb!

Words are randomly assigned to each briefcase and the “Hosts” will provide clues to their teams to find their money.

The first team that finds all their money wins the game.


● Play locally with 2 teams.
● Each team can have unlimited people.
● Designed for The Infinity Game Table.