Minesweep is a one to six-player logic-based puzzle game for the Infinity Game Table. Your objective is to locate and flag randomly placed mines in a grid field without setting them off. You start with a covered mine field of empty squares and clear the field by flipping one tile at a time. Beneath each tile could be a number, an empty space or a mine!

Minesweep combines concentration and classic puzzle solving in one challenging game. Put your reasoning power to the test as you puzzle out the locations of the mines. It’s easy to learn but hard to master! And sometimes you have to guess!


Minesweep is played by revealing squares of the grid by tapping each square. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game. If no mine is revealed, a number appears in the square. The displayed number indicates how many adjacent squares contain mines; if no mines are adjacent, the square becomes blank, and all adjacent squares will be revealed. The player uses this information to work out the contents of other squares and may either safely reveal each square or flag the square as containing a mine.

To win the game, players must uncover all cells that don’t contain a mine and stop the clock.

In Single player mode find the mines in the shortest possible time.
In Multiplayer mode each player takes a turn trying not to set off any mines.


● Single player (How long can you survive?)
● Multi-player mode- (Around the table play for up to 6 people).
● A rich, dynamic, and visually stunning 2D puzzle game board.
● Designed for the Infinity Game Table.