Oh No! has simple game rules with diverse features, that will help you relax after a long day of work.

If you are a fan of Board and Card Games, you should not miss this great Infinity Game Table game.

Oh No! game play is easy to grasp, fast, fun, and suitable for all ages.

With a beautiful colorful interface, players will quickly love Oh No!

Game Play

At the beginning of the game, each player will receive 7 cards.

When it is your turn, the player must play a card of the same color, number or type as the card previously played or draw a card from the deck if they don’t have a match.

The winner of each round is the person who has played all the cards in his hand, your score is the total of the cards still in your opponent’s hand.

Play multiple rounds, and the first person who scores 250 points wins.

Use Skip and Reverse cards to confuse your opponents.

Use Draw 2, Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards to change the course of the game and win.


● Supports One to Four players locally or with Connected Play.
● Fun audio and graphics.
● Fast-paced intuitive game play and interface.
● Suitable for all ages.
● Designed and Optimized for The Infinity Game Table.