Perilous Peaks

Welcome to Perilous Peaks, a game for two to four players where the goal of the game is to traverse the treacherous mountainside and reach the summit with three of your playing pieces.

You’ll need to make strategic decisions to be the first player to reach the pinnacles and be declared the winner!

But beware! All that lies between you and an icy demise is one bad roll of the dice.

Game Play

Players take turns rolling a set of four dice in a race to reach the apex.

The board has one mountain column for each possible combination of two six-sided dice.

The number of spaces required to reach the top of each mountain column varies.

The more probable a combination, the more spaces in that column and the more rolls it takes to reach the mountaintop.


● Supports 2–4 players locally.
● Play solo against the computer.
● Automatic game setup
● Player turn notifications.
● No-end-of game clean-up needed.
● Designed and optimized for The Infinity Game Table.

Developed by John Rassa