One of the most popular card games in the world, Rummy is now available on the Infinity Game Table!

If you love card games, this game is for you.

Your points get counted automatically and the rules are easy to learn.

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Game Play

Rummy is a card game where the goal is to place all your cards into combinations before your opponent(s).

When the game begins:
2 player game- each player receives 10 cards
2 or more player game- each player receives 7 cards

*(in games with more than 2 players, two decks of cards are used)

Once all cards are dealt to all the players, the remaining cards are placed face down on the table, forming the Stock.

The top card is turned face up in the Waste pile.

Each turn, the current player can choose to pick up a card from the Stock or the Waste pile.
The player checks if they can place one or more combinations on the table or just discard a card from their hand.

When a player places all their cards, they win the round.

The winning score is the sum of the card ranks of all the opponent’s cards.

The 1st player that reaches the score of 100 points in a two-player game,
150 for three player games, 200 points for 4 player games is declared the Winner

Point Values:
Joker- 15 points
Face cards- 10 points each
Aces- 1 point each
All other cards point total is their value (so an 8 of hearts would be worth 8 points for example)


• Up to 4 players locally with any combination of players and bots
• Featuring Connected Play
• Detailed How to Play section to help teach you the game.
• Fun for the entire family
• Designed and Optimized for the Infinity Game Table