This is the classic card game of Spades devised in the American mid-west in the late 1930s. Popular with US soldiers during WWII for its simplicity Spades spread around the globe. Like Bridge, but with simpler rules, you’ll love a game of Spades.

Play Partnership Spades in pairs of two with friends or bots or a Cutthroat game one-on-one. Plan and strategize each move to try and out bid and out play your opponents.

Win the most books and be the first to 250 points to win! You’ll need strategy and quick thinking to master this game! Don’t forget, spades are always trump!


• Two and four player game modes.
• A relaxed environment for learning how to play.
• A detailed How To Play section to teach you the game.
• Icon selection for the different players.

Additional Features

● Play with the CPU or friends.
● Classic Game play
● Designed and optimized for The Infinity Game Table.