Tetridoku is a casual puzzle game with a beautiful twist of elements from Sudoku and Tetris. Place your blocks onto the board to create and match the 9 sudoku blocks, or match lines horizontally and vertically. Peaceful, relaxing and challenging all at the same time!

Need more of a challenge? Try the Master mode which gives you a time limit to get your pieces played. Don't forget the pieces are also harder with more shapes to play!


• Choose your favorite game mode, whether it be a simple relaxing game with standard pieces or something with a little more challenge, say timed and twisted pieces?
• Use one finger to drag the pieces from the side and place them on the gameboard. Be careful to leave room for the next set!
• Challenge other players or yourself to get the highest score and move yourself to the top of the leaderboards!



• Addicting but relaxing gameplay
• Customizable backgrounds with more customizations coming
• Easy to learn, difficult to master
• Designed for the Infinity Game Table