That Cribbage Game

Cribbage! The name says it all!
That Cribbage Game is a unique mix of chance and strategy that has been around for centuries and has now been re-imagined and redesigned for the Infinity Game Table!

Are you ready for an exhilarating game of cribbage like no other?

Can’t find anyone that knows how to play or wants to?

Well now you don’t have to wait! With our innovative AI player(s), you can enjoy a challenging match whenever you want, regardless of the number of people available!

Experience the thrill of quick and strategic play on a 60-point short board or dive into an epic journey on one of the standard 120-point boards.

Track your stats in the settings menu to see how many times you’ve been skunked and how many points you’ve scored across all your games.

It’s time to settle down and sit around the table, choose your pegs and your board, and get ready to count to 15!

Game Play

Tap start, choose a spot around the table, and tap to join in!

If you’re alone, don’t worry, just tap in another player, and turn on the AI for a fun solo match!

Whether you're a seasoned cribbage enthusiast or new to the game, we have you covered!

That Cribbage Game plays by the standard cribbage rules and includes hundreds of customization options!

Cribbage combines a unique blend of chance and strategy in a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to truly master!

And this one has one special added bonus! You’re never going to lose those pegs again!

If you don’t have time for a full-length game, we have several shorter boards available that play in half the time!

Every skunk, every game and every point are tracked as well, so you can see how many points have been played and who’s at the top of the list!


• 2-4 Local Players – Head-to-head, or 1 player against up to 3 AI’s or any combination thereof
• 15 different cribbage boards!

o 12 Standard 120 point boards
o 3 Short 60 point boards

• Tons of customization options including the pegs, card backs, faces, table…
• Track your play statistics in game!
• Easy to learn, difficult to ever master!

Designed and Developed by SquigglyFrog Studios