One of the most popular puzzles, Crossword puzzles have been delighting people for decades.

For many, doing a Crossword is part of their daily routine and a great way to engage and exercise your brain.

W_rdplay Crossword is the classic puzzle you love BUT BETTER with a battle mode and themed puzzles to boot.

INFINITY GAMING is the best way to play the games - alone or with friends!

Game Play- Single Player

Scroll through the puzzle options to make a selection and tap to open the PUZZLE screen.

Tap one of the across or down sections on the grid.

A clue will pop up and spaces for the number of letters in the answer will appear above the keyboard (any letters from completed answers that overlap will appear).

Tap the cell you want to add a letter to, then tap the letter you want to add using the keyboard. Repeat until your guess is complete.

Stuck? Click on the HINT or EXTRA HINTS buttons for a little help.

If correct, your guess will appear in the puzzle grid.

The puzzle may take multiple sessions to complete depending on size. No problem, you can save your progress at any time and come back later.

The puzzle is finished when all the pieces have been placed.

Game Play- Battle Mode

Go head-to-head against a formidable opponent.

Each turn is timed, and a player is given 6 letters to place on the board. Letters may be used for any cell on any part of the grid.

Tap any of the lines and the clue will appear.

If you think one or more of your letters belongs in one answer, tap the cell where you'd like to place a letter, then tap the letter.

Tap the SUBMIT button to add your letters to the grid. Only the letters that are correct will be added and points awarded.

Use all your letters (hopefully) for max points before your time is up, then the puzzle flips to your opponent to place their letters.

This continues until the grid is completed. So, while you are working together on one puzzle - the fastest and best puzzler will still win!


Single and two player local multiplayer

• An extensive selection of challenging puzzles - general and themed. Themes include History, Animals, Pop Culture, Cars, Film Dynamic Duos, Famous Aliens and lots more...there is something for everyone!

• 120+ puzzle sizes to choose from!

• Two Game Modes: CROSSWORD (single player) and PUZZLE BATTLE (2 player)

• Two (2) Puzzle Piece settings - Automatic gameboard rotation

• Puzzle Tools include Hint, Extra Hint and Flip features

• Timer

• Relaxing music & sound effects

• A Gallery displays completed puzzles with the duration it took to finish

• No pen, pencil or eraser needed

• Endless hours of entertainment & it's good for your noggin!

• Includes In-App purchases.

Developed by SixA Studios Inc.