Welcome to Wunderkammer: The Card Game of Curating Curious Collections!

In Wunderkammer, you are a Collector on the hunt for strange and exotic items to populate your Cabinet of Curiosities.

You will compete against other collectors in several rounds of auctions, using coins to bid on and hopefully win rare and unusual pieces like marvelous mechanisms, bizarre artefacts and eerie medical oddities.

Game Play

The goal of the game is to curate the most valuable Cabinet of Curiosities among one's peers.

During a round, each player can make bids to be the first to choose an Item Card during an Auction Phase that will increase the point value of their collection.

After seven rounds are finished, the player with the most points wins!


• Up to 6 players with any combination of players and bots.

• Select from dozens of eccentric fictional character portraits to use as your avatar.

• Over 30 unique item cards with detailed descriptions.

Designed and Created by Philip Glofcheskie

Developed by SixA Studios Inc.