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Newsweek: Infinity Game Table included in 25 Incredible Gifts for Gamers

Newsweek has included the Infinity Game Table in its list of 25 incredible gifts for gamers list for 2021.

What they said:

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Available in 24- and 32-inch touch screen versions, the Infinity Game Table features dozens of digital board and card games, plus puzzles and coloring activities.ARCADE1UP

At long last, it’s time to skip the typical first step in family game nights: searching for an inevitably clumsy cardboard box with a bunch of loose pieces, some of which may have gone missing since the last session. Instead, join the new millennium by gathering around Arcade1Up’s Wi-Fi-enabled Infinity Game Table. Available in 24- and 32-inch touch screen versions, this sleek setup is the coolest, most modern and efficient way to breathe new life into beloved board game titles. You can dial up digital versions of your favorite games, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Candy Land, Sorry, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit and dozens of other crowd-pleasers, plus an assortment of card games puzzles, coloring activities and more.

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