Welcome to the Infinity Game Table Creator Challenge. 

Have you created or developed a digital board or card game?  Do you want to be a part of the next generation of in-home social gaming? Do you want to be featured and promoted to thousands of potential players? 

Whether you have a completed game or building one, we have created a challenge for you.  

The winners will have their games available on the Infinity Game Table store and will keep 100% of their game’s sales for the first three months. Infinity Game Table will also promote the games prominently on the table home screen for one month after it is released. Winners will be promoted across Arcade1Up social media channels. 

In addition, you will be entered for a chance to win up to $4,000 and an Infinity Game Table. Prizes are as follows: $4,000 for first prize, $1,500 for second prize, and $500 for third prize. The top three finalists will also receive an Infinity Game Table and Arcade1Up will assist in porting your game on to the device.

This product presents a unique opportunity for game creators and developers. Traditional board games are brought to life in a dynamic digital environment. Imagine landing on a square in a game and being transported into the game, bringing the play experience to another level. The possibilities are infinite. 

  • Launched with a hugely successful $1 million + Kickstarter campaign, Infinity Game Table is now available for pre-orders at Best Buy.  
  • Games are promoted through the robust Arcade1Up social media community with 250,000+ active fans and growing.   
  • Be showcased by influencers and included in public relations effort that reaches tens of millions of fans.  
  • First mover advantage: Be exposed to a highly engaged user base.    
  • Be showcased on the IGT screensaver and prime positioning on the IGT dashboard.   
  • Be showcased in activation campaigns.   
  • Be featured on the InfinityGameTable.com website.   
  • Generous revenue share programs. 

We know there is a ton of game creator talent out there so show us what you have. 

Rules and Requirements: 

  • Complete the entry form above 
  • You must have a working prototype of a game. 
  • You must be able to present the game to our panel of judges.  
  • Have ownership and licensing rights to the game you created. Competitors must own rights or have written permission from the owner for all software demonstrated in the competition. 
  • Competitors are not allowed to enter in projects containing confidential information. 
  • All design elements and code must be owned by you the game creator. If that is not the case, you must have licensing permissions that allow you to profit from the game.  
  • The game must be compatible with Android 9. 
  • The game must be family friendly and cannot contain nudity, foul language, or what can be considered adult only content.  
  • All our participants must agree to our developer agreement, and privacy policy.
  • Cannot require links to outside sites 
  • Cannot have in game ads or link to an outside ad network 

The Infinity Game Table product team will judge the entrants internally by the following criteria to win:

  1. Fun factor
  2. Playability
  3. Compatibility