Level Up Your Game: Infinity Gaming’s New Dashboard Update is Here!

Hey gamers, get ready to connect and play like never before! The Infinity Gaming team is thrilled to announce our latest dashboard update for all Infinity Gaming devices. Available November 27, 2023, this update is all about enhancing your gaming experience and making it easier to see and play those you are connected with.

What’s New?

Our product team has been busy leveling up the gaming dashboard, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on:

Friend’s Slider on MY GAMES Page: You’ve got friends, and now you’ve got an even better way to see them! With the new friend’s slider, you can easily check who’s online without missing a beat. It’s there when you need it, tucked away when you don’t.

Infinity Gaming Dashboard update

Green Means Go: Spot the green icon? Click it, and boom—the slider opens up to reveal your gaming crew. It’s like opening a door to your private gaming party.

Infinity Gaming Table and Board new dashboard

Stealth Mode: Want to game under the radar? Click on your username at the top of the slider, and you can choose to show as offline. Sometimes you just need that solo quest time, and we get it.

Friends tab Infinity Gaming Dashboard

Online Status and Last Adventure: See who’s online and what they’ve been up to at a glance. Whether they’ve been winning at poker or sinking battleships, you’ll be in the know.

Infinity Gaming Table and Board new dashboard

Game Icons for Quick Access: See a game that catches your eye? One click, and you’re on the store page. It’s like a teleport spell for game shopping what your friends played last.

Infinity Gaming Dashboard update

Manage Your Friends List: That three little guys icon isn’t just adorable; they’re your gateway to managing your friends list easily. It’s the same feature you love, now more accessible than ever.

Infinity Gaming Dashboard update

Sneak Peek Into the Future

And here’s a little secret: this update is just a precursor to something even bigger. We’re talking about “lobbies”—a whole new way to gather, game, and conquer together. Stay tuned, because the future of connected play looks infinite!

Keep gaming, keep connecting, and most importantly, keep having fun. We’ll see you in the game!

Stay connected and stay updated with Infinity Gaming. Because with us, your next adventure is always just around the corner.