Frequently Asked Questions

Playing alone will depend on the game. Many games are designed this way but it will depend on the development of the game and the title. 

We are only shipping to North America for this Kickstarter campaign. We hope to ship internationally soon but this has some added layers of licensing.

Unfortunately, we have no way to add you to a campaign after it has ended. The good news is, we may be releasing more in the future for retail purchase. Please go the following link and request to be notified when this happens.

Pledges cannot be canceled after a campaign has completed with Kickstarter. We have a 14-day return policy for our Kickstarter backers, should you want to return it.

Hi, we love the enthusiasm. Unfortunately, you cannot become a backer after the campaign has ended. The good news is, you can sign up to be notified when more become available. Just click on “notify me” in the link here

We will be shipping the 24” really soon. We can’t provide exact dates, but they are on the way to our warehouse. The 32” will ship later but they are not too far behind our 24” models.

IGT is a closed system to maximize security for all players and is not open to surf the general Internet.

There is currently the ability to delete any of the apps in the Owned Games section.

We currently plan on having second screen capabilities for implementation to work across both phones and tablets for both Android and iOS.

Hi, upgraded pledge levels are only available for an active campaign. We are unable to change the pledge after the campaign has ended.

Second Screen will be a feature planned for 2021 development that will be designed to work with many of the IGT games.

Up to 6 depending on the game.

Yes to all, except for Hungry Hungry Hippos & Simon.

Our table is impact and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills and drops.

Yes, absolutely!

Our team at Arcade1Up has spent the last few years locking up some of the greatest game titles for our cabinets and now we’re on the same path with our new Infinity Game Table! If you’re familiar with our previous products, we’ve shipped over 1 million arcade cabinets featuring games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter II, Star Wars, NBA Jam, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and dozens more! We got this!

Yes, all our tables come with removable legs so you can take Infinity Game Table anywhere or on the go!

Yes! All the games listed on our page are FREE as part of our special offer for this campaign and we will be adding more games, stay tuned!

For our Kickstarter backers the following games will be included as they are created (as of now, more game announcements are expected):

– Ticket To Ride

– Pandemic

– Pong

– Super Breakout


– Monopoly – online play

– Battleship – online play

– Chutes and Ladders – online play

– Connect 4 – online play

– Operation

– Trouble – – online play

– Sorry – online play

– Candyland – online play

– Simon

– Hungry Hippos

– Trivial Pursuit – online play

– Scrabble- – online play

– Yahtzee – online play

– Game of Life- – online play

– Chess Classic- – online play

– Wizards Chess-– online play

– Checkers Classic- – online play

– Coloring

– Puzzle

– Solitaire

– Backgammon

– Blackjack

– Rummy

– Othello

– Tick Tac Toe

– Sudoku

– Texas Hold’em

– Billards

– Golf

– Dominoes

– Bowling

– Mancala

– Free Comic book access

– Access to over 20k comics through comic plus (account registration require to Comic Plus)

– Free Coloring books (~500)

– Access to dozens of coloring books for all ages with many more to come

– Free Puzzles (~300)

– Access to dozens of puzzles for all ages with many more to come

The reason this is called the Infinity Game Table is because the content possibilities are limitless. We will continue to partner with developers to secure additional content for this table as it launches and in the years to come.

Yes! If you are interested in developing games for the Infinity Game Table we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to [email protected] Please be patient as we are getting many requests and are also determining effective ways for developers to be involved.

The battery will provide about 3-5 hours of portable gaming.

Yes! We have it available in 24″ and 32″!